Nox Prophecy follows the journey of David Strader and Harley Blake in a post-apocalyptic world as the pair try to make it to where there’s rumored to be a city with water, electricity and normalcy. Well as normal as can be… Things aren’t as they seem and as they travel, David and Harley learn more about each other and themselves as well as the destiny they are to fulfill in this world of chaos and violence.

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The Creators

With the combined powers of Cindy Ramey and M.E. Bartley...

Miz Bartley aka Felony has been drawing ever since she was old enough to pick up a crayon. It wasn't until high school that she got more serious about her art. While it isn’t how she makes her bread and butter, drawing is more than a hobby to her. It is rare that she goes for more than a day or two without drawing something. She enjoys cartoons more than anything and her style reflects various influences.

Cindy Ramey aka Aerokat started drawing when she was in grade school. Growing up she was influenced by different cartoons, then later comic books. She realized that she love to tell stories through art. Comics and graphic novels became her greatest inspiration through high school and college. Cindy took college courses in graphic design and even though her regular day time jobs may center around graphic arts doesn’t stop her from still telling stories with art.